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Please tell about your sleep profile . Answer for the following details-- 1. Age, sex, occupation, locality-metro urban semiurban rural tribal, Weight, height,any other disorder- viz, Diabetes(duration), hypertension. habits- smoke, alcohol, drugs etc, 2.Hours you devote in walking,exercise,sports,moderate work in chores, involvement in external work, outing, trekking etc per week (average). 3.Total duration of your sleep in hours, time of going to sleep and rise. 4. How many times you have sleep breaks at night? 5. Any daytime sleepiness. Dreams. Abnormal feeling,behaviour(any-fear, fits, spasms,sensations etc) during night sleep. 6.Psychiatric problem in self or family. 7.History of epilepsy in self or family. 8.Extent of stress in your life- mild, average, severe, more than severe. 9.Type of stress- health, family,job,social,future, other. 10.How you would like to rate your sleep satisfaction level(on scale 1-10) 11.What are the main areas you want your problem should be addressed to? 12.Do you have any of your own point to be addressed to that might be useful for you.

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